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Registration is now open for non-presenting delegates only. All speakers should have registered and the draft program is now being compiled. If you are an accepted speaker still wanting to register please email Early bird registration for non-presenting delegates will be open till 30 September or until venue capacity is reached. If we have any spaces left after 30 September we will have a further registration period at the full fee rate.

The following registration rates cover all academic events, day-time catering, and three evening receptions. Please make sure to register for the free options you will want, including the preconference event (if you’re a research student) and the receptions and buses. This will allow us to properly cater for everyone without waste. There are also some options you can include in your registration package for an added price, including an additional evening party at Bondi Beach.

For any registration questions contact

If you are applying for the ACS assistance scheme you should already have contacted ACS on Questions about the assistance scheme should go to that address – find more information here.

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Registration rates

The following registration rates cover all academic events, day-time catering, and three evening receptions. They also include a tithe paid to the Association to fund its Assistance Scheme which supports delegates from disadvantaged areas to attend the conference. See below for a list of free and paid extras that can be added to your registration.

Including a new ACS membership:

Early Bird Rates (Please note Early Bird Rates will close on Monday 18 July 2021 at 11:59pm.)

- under €10,000 gross income per year (currently AUD$15,276, USD$11,404): AUD$265

- €10,000-20,000 gross income per year [maximum rate for students]: AUD$360

- over €20,000 gross income per year: AUD$550

Full Price Registration Rates (up to venue capacity)

- under €10,000 gross income per year: AUD$340

- €10,000-20,000 gross income per year [maximum rate for students]: AUD$435

- over €20,000 gross income per year: AUD$645

For current ACS members:

These rates are for delegates who have already paid their 2016-2017 ACS membership (ACS will check your membership is up-to-date and contact you for payment if not).

Early Bird Rates (to 15 July)

- under €10,000 gross income per year (currently AUD$15,276, USD$11,404): AUD$250

- €10,000-20,000 gross income per year [maximum rate for students]: AUD$325

- over €20,000 gross income per year: AUD$475

Full Price Registration Rates
(up to venue capacity)

- under €10,000 gross income per year: AUD$325

- €10,000-20,000 gross income per year [maximum rate for students]: AUD$400

- over €20,000 gross income per year: AUD$570

Non-Member Rates:

Early Bird Rate (to 15 July) AUD$650

Full Price Registration Rate (to venue capacity) AUD$750


The registration form will ask you to elect which events you are attending – the following are free and included in your registration but we nevertheless need numbers for planning purposes:

  • An all-day pre-conference event for research students on Tuesday 13 December, and a bus from campus to Parramatta for the event, and back again. This makes the conference a five day event for research students.
  • An opening night reception from 6pm on Wednesday 14 December, on campus.
  • A special plenary session at the Sydney Town Hall, including a civic welcome and reception afterwards – from 6.30pm on Thursday 15 December at Town Hall. A bus from campus to Town Hall will be provided if you elect to take it.
  • A closing reception at Grandstand 2, from 5.30pm on Saturday 17 December, on campus.

There is also one optional social event, a beach-front party at Bondi Pavillion on Friday 16 December, from 5.30pm. To attend this event only you will need to pay an extra fee that covers the cost of drinks and light refreshments, entertainment, and a bus from campus to Bondi Beach.

Other paid extras

  • Printed Program: The complete program will be available as a .pdf file on the conference website and via the free Android/ios/Windows conference app “Attendify”. But if you would like a printed hard copy you can choose to purchase one for AUD$15.
  • You may also choose to join the Cultural Studies Association of Australasia. This is an optional extra but it supports the regional association, which is a key conference sponsor, and also has the following benefits:
    • a 1 year subscription to Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies (4 issues);
    • enhanced access to the CSAA website and e-mail list;
    • access to a range of research, travel, and mentoring initiatives offered by the Association

The Association for Cultural Studies Assistance Fund

The ACS runs an assistance fund to support disadvantaged delegates. This involves grants to assist participants from under-represented ACS regions with travel, accommodation or registration expenses. These funds are limited. Full support cannot usually be provided and travel assistance takes the form of a reimbursement.

The primary eligible ACS regions are: Africa; Asia (and Middle East); the Caribbean; Eastern and Southern Europe (including Turkey); Latin and South America. Individual eligibility is based on place of residence and working situation, not nationality or country of origin. The selection process will be based on the merits of the case for assistance as well as the paper proposal. The selection committee reserves the right to prioritize the allocation of funds on the basis of need.

How to Apply
When you have submitted your proposal using the XR2016 online system (read submission guidelines) then you should email ACS at, expressing your interest in the Assistance Scheme. Your email needs to demonstrate your current employment situation and where you are currently residing. Make sure to use the same name as that used when making a proposal to the conference.

When proposals have been peer-reviewed the ACS will be notified of the accepted papers. Only accepted presenters are eligible.

If You’re Successful…
ACS will determine the amount to be awarded to successful applicants based on available funds (these vary according to conference registration numbers and the number of applicants). Individual grants will be used to cover your conference registration and ACS membership dues (where applicable).  Any remaining balance will be to you in cash at the conference in reimbursement of your travel costs.

The Fine Print
Please see more information on the ACS Assistance Program here.